The Historic City

If you’re keen in knowing more about Malaysia past, the state of Melaka (Malacca) is a must. Malacca is located on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the straits of Malacca. The strategic locations of Malacca as a port in the region had marked the beginning of Malacca’s glory past.

Name of a tree
It is interesting to know the origin of the name of Melaka state. The story started as the founder of Melaka, Parameswara went for hunting on a one fine day. As he is resting under a tree after the hunting session, he saw a bright deer kicking a dog. Thinking that as a good omen, Parameswara name the place after the tree he rested on. Guess what? That’s right, it is the “Melaka Tree” and the place is in the state of Malacca.

Getting to Malacca
Self drive is the best way to get to Malacca as it is well connect to the other states of Peninsular Malaysia by the North – South Highway . If you’re traveling from Kuala Lumpur , the capital of Malaysia the journey would takes about 2 – 2 ½ hours. From Johor Bahru the journey would be 2 ½ – 3 hours. The drive from both North and South heading to Malacca is straightforward and smooth. Along the highway you may also enjoy the pleasant scenery of palm tree plantation. There are plenty of stop-over, public rest areas and petrol kiosk along this highway.

*Most stretch of the highway has the speed limit of 110kmp.

Uniqueness of Malacca
Malacca is unique in terms of its architecture, cultures and food. As Malacca was colonize by the Dutch and Portuguese in the past, plus the close relationship of Chinese empire to Malacca, it have plenty of unique architecture and culture.

Come and learn the history of Malacca and visit the various architecture and historical sites of Malacca, like the Stadhuys, Melaka’s Sultanate Palace , A’ Famosa, Hang Li Po’s well, and a lots more.

Besides, it is also interesting to learn the heritage of Baba & Nyonya ( inter-marriage of Chinese and local Malays. They practice and customs of both the Chinese and Malays), and Serani (inter-marriage between Portuguese and local Malays).
It is also a heaven for artifacts / antique / collectibles items keen goers. The famous place that shouldn’t be missed by one is the Jonker Street . During the day time, you may want to spend your hunting the collectibles along the shops lined in Jonker Street . At night, this place will turn into a night market (known as pasar malam locally). Here you can find a wide variety of Malacca delicacies. Besides, apparels, trinkets, cosmetics and household goods can also be found here.

What we share in here is only tip of the iceberg of the state of Malacca. Come to visit Malaysia , visit Malacca. And if you need a self-drive car to tour around Malaysia , do not hesitate to call the Malaysia pioneer car rental company – Mayflower Car Rental. We are always ready to serve.

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