The Southern Tip

Johor Bahru is situated at the southernmost of Peninsular Malaysia. This city is near-universally known as JB. Actually JB is one of the three main urban centres of Peninsular Malaysia (the other two is Kuala Lumpur and Penang ). JB is an important industrial, logistical and commercial centre. In fact, JB can be described as the heaven of shopping and entertainment. Many Singaporean come over and shop around this lively city, taking advantage of their stronger currency.

Food Adventure Journey
One of the main attractions of Johor is food. Oh… yes. There are a wide variety of foods available in JB.

Do not miss the chance to taste the many local delicacies that JB offer. If you care to explore around this city, it is easy to find yourself face with the difficulty of choosing which type of food you want to eat first.

Writer’s recommendations:-
Famous Malay Cuisine
Otak-otak : Hot and spicy fish cake cover with banana leaves and grilled
Taufu bakar : Grill Tofu
Mee rebus : Boil Mee with a special spicy gravy and add with some veggie and fried items
Ikan Bakar : BBQ style. Fish is topped with special chili paste, wrapped with banana leaves and grilled

Famous Chinese Cuisine
Kuey Teow Kiah : You only can find this special food “kuey teow kiah” (kuey teow soup) in Johor! You must try it! There are served together with some selection of dishes, like braised pork or duck meat, braised tofu, braised most part of pig’s organs, etc, which will be a good combination!
Cathay Laksa : A special curry laksa with a special veggie that enhances the aroma of the curry soup. If you love spicy food, don’t forget to taste the mee (or other type of pasta) together with the special made chili paste.
Bak Kut Teh : A famous Chinese cuisine in Malaysia , especially the Klang Bak Kut Teh and the Johor Bak Kut Teh. Basically, it is stewed pork in Chinese herbs and spices. Tasty soup based, usually eat with rice. And it is tradition to consume this with good Chinese tea that helps digestion (as this dish is quite oily).


Mamak culture
This is a relative new culture in Malaysia urban areas – Mamak culture. In fact, it is sidewalk hangout spot, serving local mamak foods. What is Mamak actually? Mamak is to describe the Indian Muslims, however, in Malaysia it is extensively used to describe this type (outdoor stalls) of hangout spot and food.

Usually this type of store is open until the wee hours of morning and some of them operate 24 hours. This is the place where many youngsters of Malaysian spent their time hangout at the store and get their supper. Foods are available at a very reasonable price. And the best part is that you may sit at the store almost as long as you want and don’t need to dress up for this kind of dining. Just relax and enjoy the foods and ambience.

Examples of food that you can find in a typical “Mamak” stall include Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Murtabak, Mee Goreng, Maggie Goreng, Nasi Kandar, Teh Tarik, Teh O Ais, Teh Limau, etc.

You’ll probably wonder what these are. In here, I’ll only explain 2 types of foods – the ever famous and popular Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. Roti Canai somewhat be described as the Malaysian style of crepe eat together with various type of curry. If you like a more heavy meal, you may add more ingredient into the roti (bread) like telur (egg) / sardine/ planta (margarine) / bawang (onion) / pisang (banana) / kaya (jam like, made of egg and coconut milk). And if you like a crispier roti, simply try the roti tisu. It would be a very fun and memorable experience to watch the Mamak prepare the “roti” and “teh tarik”. Especially the “teh tarik”, the way the Mamak use two mugs to “pull” the tea, sure you’ll awe by their skills.

Shop til you drop
Shopping goers, especially ladies, get ready to print out the list below. No matter what are you looking for, from apparels to jewellery, high tech items to household electrical goods, cosmetics & perfumes, accessories, toys, furniture etc.

Here we enlist 5 popular shopping destinations in JB alone.
•  City Square, centre of JB, located along Jalan Wong Ah Fook.
•  Kotaraya Plaza , centre of JB, located along Jalan Trus
•  Pelangi Plaza , 3km north of JB, located along Jalan Tebrau. Famous night spot area.
•  Holiday Plaza , 5km north of JB, located along Jalan Dato Sulaiman.
•  The Zone (Duty Free Shopping Centre), Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut

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