Tip Of Borneo

Sabah, A Place Worth Exploring

Sabah, the second largest state in Malaysia is situated in the most northern tip of the Borneo. A state worth to explore for all eco adventurers, nature lovers and diving fans. Sabah is also known as The “Land Below the Wind” as it lies below the typhoon belt of East Asia.

Scenic views of the nature, abundance of flora and fauna and the rich color of multi-culture and ethnic are the true attractions of Sabah.

Nature Trail

The capital of the Sabah. Kota Kinabalu lies the highest mountain in Southeast Asia-Mount Kinabalu. The name of Mount Kinabalu encompass a touching story of a Chinese Widow (Kina – pronunciation that similar to the Cina, meaning Chinese in Malay language and balu means widow in Malay language). Conquer the peak of this mountain (4095.2m) is definitely a lure to many tourists of Sabah.

Besides, the highest mountain in the region, Sabah has the oldest rainforest in the world the “Lost world of Danum Valley ”. There you can find yourself surrounded by Mother Nature.

If you're not that adventurous , maybe you can get to the Orang Utan in the largest Orang Utan Santuary in the world. Or if you're likely enough, you might able to admire the gigantic Rafflesia (largest flower in the world) during your trip in Sabah.

Breath taking beaches and superb diving spots are some other attractions that you can easily find in Sabah.

Rich Culture

This state is populated with over 30 different races, where each has their own unique traditions, customs and cultures.

If you wanted to experience the rich cultural diversity in Sabah. the “Harvest Festive” season is definitely one of the best time to visit. This season falls in the month of May and is celebrate by the Kadazan and Dusun community.